New Feature - Steroid Forums Member Chat
Exciting news, thanks to @Humana for the forum benefit auction and @Shampton372 for the winning bid we have been able to add a new enhanced chat feature to Steroid Forums.

The new chat bar is located at the bottom of the page and can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.

General Chat Information
  • Member to member chat is unlocked at 50 posts
  • Under 50 posts registered forum users can respond but not start new messages (spam control feature)
  • All members active on or before March 17, 2021 will automatically be granted chat access regardless of post count
  • Special tags (donator, sponsor, VIP, etc.) receive automatic chat access and access to special chat rooms
  • General Chat (chat room) is a chat room available to all members with chat access
IMPORTANT: Please ensure you follow all forum rules in chat and NEVER use chat for transactional purposes.  Failure to comply will result in immediate ban.

As always if you have any questions or feature requests please reach out to the admin team.
Yoshi Technical Admin Yoshi
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Very cool @cereal
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That's an awesome feature! Thanks @Humana and @cereal for making it happen!
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Nice addition to the forum!
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Nice feature, so need to post more.
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Hey Guys,
Using Caskapp for this first time and seend i need to use the bitcoin obition in the cashapp. Does anyone one have a detailed list on how to process it would be much apprciated. Thanks
I haven't used Bitcoin yet. I know I will need to soon. Looks like most suppliers are pushing it.
You may have to Google it.
I know it's an old post. All new posts get lost here everyday
If you find something could you start a new post and put it up ?

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