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TAGS OPINIONSTRONG WORDSTIPSNEEDY PEOPLE NEED CRUTCHESDon't become one of these needy people. It's a trap and it's very easy to fall into. In fact, there's almost no way of avoiding it if you spend a lot of time on social media.
The likes-and-favorites whore will measure his or her progress (at the gym and in life) by the number of likes, favorites, and positive comments he or she gets. The praise becomes a crutch for survival, or at least self-esteem.

?And regardless of any tangible results, a likes-and-favorites whore only needs to confirm the effectiveness of his current program by the amount of "looking great, bro" comments from his sedentary list of Facebook and Insta-friends.
WOMEN, SELF-WORTH, AND SELFIESWomen, it seems, often get addicted more easily to the attention. And they soon learn that the less clothing they wear the more likes they get. What begins as a nice selfie in the gym locker room turns into "how high can I get my ass in the air?" and "how naked can I be before my account gets reported?"
[Image: Selfie-1.jpeg]
Yes, you're sexy. Now try being classy. Besides, your self-worth shouldn't depend on how many 15 year old boys you engorge on Instagram.
A FALSE SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENTLots of likes and attention will give anyone a false sense of accomplishment, and it can lead to lack of measurable progress. Why? Because of course your inactive friends think you look great! But your goal in life is not to impress those who've developed a dad bod, is it?
Also remember that taking pretty pictures doesn't require legitimate physique change. All it requires is the right lighting, the right clothing, the right photo manipulation, and the right kind of desperation to spend hours getting into the perfect pose.
If pictures of your body are more important to you than your actual body, your priorities are totally screwed up. Make sure you're spending more time under the iron than you are in front of the camera lens.

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