Pottengers Cats.
Ive been doing the raw meat / veggie diet for nearly a year now. (mostly raw meat) excluding poultry. And i can honestly say that i feel better than I have since I was a kid. 200lbs. 13% body fat. 53yo. Simple diet, farm fresh meat and veggies and raw milk with no hormones. So basically I stopped buying usda "approved" foods and went all natural. Unfortunately I am not near an ocean or I would add fish into the diet. I dont really trust anything that has been "processed" by some foriegn entity. 

I had read the study "Pottengers cats" some time ago and was sort of shocked at the findings, and I try to use the wild as an example for us hoomans since we are wild by nature, we have have just been tamed over time. But you can definately look around and tell that health and diet are definately not what they used to be since the time of Sparta. I hope I dont sound too batshit crazy.

Best Regards all. 

heres a link to the study. there are also videos depicting the studies as well.


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