Forum Updates - 04/24/2022
Big changes today!
  • Look and feel
    • New responsive theme activated making for a better desktop and mobile experience
  • Text editor
    • Updated text editor that will (hopefully) resolve the copy/paste issues we were previously seeing
  • Recent Threads
    • Recent threads link in global navigation (top header bar) and at bottom of main index page allowing for quicker access to viewing recent posts
  • Image Uploading
    • Made image uploading easier with in-line images and ability to have images show in quotes - to use this new feature simply click the "i" in the editor bar and upload your image.  The image/image code will automatically paste at your cursor.
    • [Image: suNUxgT.jpg]
Please reach out to the forum admin team if you have any questions or ideas for enhancement.
Yoshi Technical Admin Yoshi
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Nice job Cereal,the site is looking great!!!
Looks good brother
Echo the sentiments above.....excellent work brotha....[Image: j92ohbB.gif]
Lookin good
Thank you for the updates!
[Image: banner2_500.jpg]

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