Any bad reviews here?
For the record. Member reached out and asked me to delete his account and is why it now shows guest.
(08-28-2023, 09:44 PM)Drak Wrote: What was the issue without mentioning names. not doubting you at all, but sources can often be the ones being abused. please state how you were wronged, what is right is right. very sad when sources and members cant do a fair resolution.

As I read it, the complaint was essentially all they got was oil, that is no active ingredient. I've encountered similar issues with my ketamine treatments, but, as was mentioned there's no way to prove this short of testing.
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Below are the emails between myself and this person. Nothin to hide here. scoobs has the actual emails. I'm over this dude. I've got too much work to do to play with guys like this.

His order email placed on July 3
"Test cyp 250. $25
Test prop100. $15
Aromasin25. $25
2 bottles sust250. $40
Total $105
If promo for using bitcoin still available I would be very grateful for additional bottle of test cyp"

Order filled and shipped on July 6 he received July 9.
"Hey bro pack landed!! Looks awesome two quick questions I was at work dump post lady left on porch in blazing sun for 7 hours. 90 degree weather. I’m guess I’m good I got it stored in dark room temp now. Second is I read about some people getting some bad pip from the test. I have never had any from test my body does well with all the esters so that also I’m guessing should be ok. That’s why didn’t order any test enth. Thank you for your time in these two matters and thank you for package. I will definitely be ordering again!!!"

I told him the heat would not be an issue.

"Awesome thank you so much it all looks fucking deliciously beast mode!!!!! I would be more than happy to comment or review products after using them. I know that honest good feedback could always help. If so let me know and you have my word I will do it. Man thank you for the goodies and great service!!"

July 19
"Good morning boss!!
What do you recommend I can mix in with the liquid aromasin. It’s giving me heartburn when I dose it straight by itself "

Me: "oh, wow, never have heard anyone having heart burn with orals but I'm sure it can happen. I get heart burn when i eat certain foods but now I use Zantac before eating those things and zero heartburn. Zantac360 is what it is. great stuff. Not expensive at all. found at all pharmacies. take it right before you take your dose. "

him: "No I absolutely don’t think it’s just oral but I get heartburn from everything. But do you ever mix oral water juice anything like that time down the alcohol burn"

Me: "ahhh I don't use alcohol in the aromasin. alcohol is only found in the ciaiva alcholo blend but I do know guys chase their orals with juice or with their pre workout meal drink. I'm wondering if the empty gel caps I use with my orals would help. Get size '000' they hold exactly 1ml. they are really cheap on amazon also. "

July 26 - 15 days of use.
"I’m not sure what it is you sent but does not seem real what so ever. I don’t want any free gear trust me I definitely don’t want anything more from your company. It’s just very disappointing that people talked good about you on forum and when rubber meets road it seems your gear is well…. Nothing"

Me: "wow...ok. sorry you feel that way. You are the very first person in over 10years to say anything negative about the product. It is interesting to say the least. Again, sorry you did not get what you wanted out of the product.”

Him: "Yeah thanks and I highly highly doubt I’m the first one to ever complain about your gear that statement right there tells me your not to be trusted. Good luck man just be careful what you are putting in this shit I know your money hungry but people put this stuff in there bodies and karma is a mother fucker. "

Me: "whoa so now you say I'm putting something in it other than what is on the label. can you tell me why you think that? Also, I noticed you received the order 19 days ago. 19 days. I could understand things better if you were talking 8-12 weeks of use but 19 days. That's interesting to me.

"Whether you believe me or not about not having complaints and you being the first is not my concern at all. Sorry 19 days was not enough time for you to get what you wanted out of the product. Good luck to you as well. "

July 28
Him: "I’m not sure what I have. In the event I’m wrong I apologize. I just been on gear at a professional level for over ten years and I know my body. Either way this matter I feel is between you and I. That being said I’m still not one to post bad stuff to try and start rumors on forums. I may be absolutely wrong and have no concrete proof. This will be my last email about the matter but just wanted let you know I realize this may be on me and will keep it between us. Once again best of luck bro."


Aug 26 - month later
"I reached out to the mods at steroid forum about our situation. I have not told them that you are the sponsor I’m having the problems with however they want me to share with the community what is happening. I am now almost two months into using your gear with zero effects I am going to draw bloods all though I know my test has dropped. I have switched from the sust cyp and prop and had no sides or any effects to my body. This batch seems either extremely under dosed or absolutely fake. I was torn between what to do therefore I haven’t dropped your name on the forum however they are not pleased I’m having issues and not letting them and the community know. I believe you made me to be a liar or dismissed me altogether and it’s unprofessional. I have been on gear over decade and know my body and how it reacts bottom line this gear is extremely off."

SIDE NOTE: So no painful injections or anything other than not seeing results.

I think this is his first lie to scoobs coming up.

Aug 26 -
"I talked with scooby and a couple of the other mods and they are willing to reimburse me on behalf of the forum in order regain my trust. This was my first time ordering off of the forum but it’s actually sad they are more willing to make this right then you the sponsor is."

Me: "yes I would like you to test the items through Janoshik. I appreciate it. I save a bottle out of all the batches made so if something comes back underdosed or fake as you have stated, I can send a sample to janoshik and have it tested.

Personally I think something else is at play here but we'll let this play out.

copy sent to scoobs. "

Due to me not hearing from him until aug 26,he had said he didnt want free gear and never said anything about a refund until he said scoobs and the board was going to refund him. Smile I replied

"ummmmm I do have all the previous emails where you stated that you weren't going to make a big deal or even say anything. Remember I think you only used the product for 3 weeks and then you sent your complaint. I ahve never dealt with this sort of issue and my products have been tested over the years by others.

I am forwarding those emails to Scoobs. I'm thinking you are either another source trying to make me look bad or you are just looking for free gear. You never said anything about me needing to fix something. He'll read your emails and probably come to that conclusion as well. "

him: "That’s fine and I’m a real customer send him the emails that’s ok with me because I have been saying from the first one the stuff is no good and was trying to keep it quiet and between us you broke contact. Also I still have not dropped your name on the forum. And trust me I definitely don’t want anymore of your fake gear I put to much of that trash in my body already. Your ridiculous and very unprofessional this all proves it plain as day. Cheap sorry ass sponsor!!!!"

At this point I am done with this dude. He's up to something or a newbie and really doesn't know what he is doing with gear. When he stated, ". I just been on gear at a professional level for over ten years and I know my body." I knew he wasn't all there. Is there such a thing as "professional level gear use"? lol. I know pros who take very little and I know pros who take a decent amount. So what is professional level gear use?

My response: "Sorry you feel that way. Have a good day."

Below is where he tells another lie. "I appreciate you initiating a refund." Scoobs has all the emails and no where I have stated I have initiated a refund.

Him: "Look I swear on my child I am a honest customer I was not looking to hurt your business. I used your gear for almost two months. I have a log I can send pics of from the last four weeks of use. I appreciate you initiating a refund of have the proper email to janos you will be first one to receive copy of results. If it checks out I will gladly send you the money right back. Thank you for your time. Again this was all factual to best of my knowledge and documented. "

I have not responded back to him nor will I. Make this out what you wish, I am not here to cry about anything I just want to be transparent. He knows what he has in his order he received. I know what he has. I have never delt with this sort of thing since being on this board 2012 or 2013. I have guys that have been with me since before then and have never heard a peep out of any of them. My record stands. Everyone take care!
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Humana, from my standpoint this is mute point. Like you said, something very off about this whole ordeal.
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Aug 26 -
"I talked with scooby and a couple of the other mods and they are willing to reimburse me on behalf of the forum in order regain my trust."

I can assure everyone this sentence right here is a lie and complete bullshit. Neither me or the mods would say such a thing especially without knowing anything at the time what was even going on.

I appreciate Humana coming on here to set things straight. I know a lot of you guys were left wondering if we had a sponsor here selling bunk gear. NOT THE CASE in this situation. Humana has been on this forum, past and current, since 2012. He's had hundreds and hundreds of reviews and not one negative review. NEVER! On the previous forum he was even randomly tested and products came out stellar.

I personally know guys currently running the test products this guy purchased and actually purchased around the same time. Not one complaint! Humana has ran how many auctions under the current forum? Quite a few right. These generally go for upwards of 500 and never, ever, has any auction winner complained. Frankly there a a few multiple winners if I remember correctly. Point being, if there was an issue, we would know about it. @Balut45 is right, this is really a mute point but just wanted to give a little perspective here.

So when I explained this all to the former member (member asked me to delete his account), he didn't like my conclusion even tho he stated whatever I concluded he would accept.

I personally know as MANY of you do, Humana takes great pride in his work. This guy I trust 1000% and I know many of you do as well.

Thanks Humana for coming on and showing everyone the email chain which I have as well. You didn't have too. Nobody likes to deal with drama but I appreciate your input here.
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@Humana appreciate your complete transparency, and as always continued dedication to your craft, the board, and all of our members!!!

I think as many have already said something is just fundamentally not right with this cat and the entire situation!!!

I know one thing for sure, he picked the wrong sponsor and admin to try and run his bull@$%& on......
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We all will need to let any other boards we are in to watch for this guy.
It's sad
Humana's stuff is incredible
His test P- for me at 55, after 1 week I wake up every morning with a hard on - great stuff
I always have to take lower dose with all his gear.- great stuff
Thank you for being here Humana and thank you Scoobes for taking care of Humana here
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