Good time to buy BTC
There's a price dip on Bitcoin. Maybe a good time to buy some. I already bought $500 worth. If it goes lower I will dollar cost average even lower. Like always it will go up eventually. It's a good capital to have on hand in case there's a flash sale on HGH.
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Wow, it took a huge dive.
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It's been pretty stable the last month.
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Man, I remember when BTC was around $300ish. I didnt know shit about it until Sponsors started adding it for payment. I was like ok, ill get set up and bought some. Next day my balance is up like 20% or something. I was like what the hell is this. Its acting like a stock or something. In hindsight, I should of bought the living shit out of the stuff and held. haha.

BTC is some volatile stuff but I dont think its going away. Nobody knows the bottom but like @TheHeMan said, can always average down when price drops.

Microstategy (MSTR), is a stock thats heavily invested in Bitcoin.
And just like that, it's up $1.62 in the last week, but still down $4.78 for the last month. Must be some whale activity.
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BTC past week.  If I remember correctly, about a week or two ago I read a whale purchased like 500M-1B worth of BTC.  When I see this, I gotta think we are around bottom for now.  These guys never lose.  I remember back when BTC first Cracked 60K then tanked back to just barely under 30K and a whale purchased 500M worth at around like 29K or whatever.  Shit, 3months later it was back to around 60K.  Somebody always knows.
BTC price variance is out of this world. As I have stated before, I don't like crypto currency but if t can be bought cheap, it will likely go up shortly before plunging again.
Looks like it was a court battle win that caused the latest bump;
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