Anyone able to connect with BOS Labs
Seems like BOS Labs has not been active recently? Not sure if anyone has current contact info or knows if they are still around. I bought some product of theirs a month ago from a local third party and loved it. Just don’t want to pay three other people before it gets to my hands. Any help would be appreciated!
Did you email them?
(09-18-2023, 10:32 PM)Balut45 Wrote: Did you email them?

Yes I did. Going through other threads looks like a couple others have had issues recently getting ahold of them.
I just sent them an email for an update.
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(09-19-2023, 05:05 PM)scoobs88 Wrote: I just sent them an email for an update.

Thank you boss! Hopefully they are still around! Loving these forums by the way. Everyone seems great!
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I haven’t gotten a reply as of yet. Just fyi.

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