I wanted to take the time to share the many gratitudes that I have today. There are many, in fact, way to many to list, but wanted to highlight a few of the things I’m most grateful for today.

I’m extremely grateful for my family, both my adoptive family as well as my bio family whom I was able to meet approximately 2 years ago.

One thing that I’m most grateful for today is my recovery!! A little over 11 years ago I was a hopeless dope fiend! I had nothing, and no hope of a future. Today I’m a dually licensed behavioral health therapist, and the executive director of a large behavioral health outpatient practice.

I’m grateful for @scoobs88 and his determination to keep the board up and running for all of us. I’m also extremely grateful to our many wonderful sponsors and each and every one of our members!!

In closing, I hope everyone’s day is extremely special as each of you rub lives with family and friends. There are many things for each of us to be grateful for. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the many blessings we have!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Raw and the rest of the SF family. Thanks for all your contributions and especially your insight and sharing in the recovery forum.
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Hairy Thanksgiving
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I would also like to thank the folks that keep this web site running. It's been a pretty rough couple of years for me, but I think I can honestly say the folks here have helped me keep going.

Don't skip leg day!
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